An Evening With, Flat i, London

Dear Interpreter, collection of songs played during the An Evening With, the opening event of Flat i, mixed together with other songs in the evening's playlist.

'An Evening With' was the first event organised by Flat i. The configuration and furnishing of the apartment remained unchanged. Artists were invited to contribute a work or execute an intervention, which were placed among the other domestic objects. Also part of the exhibition were works permanenty in the collection of Flat i, as well as reproductions of works Flat i would have liked to include. Every space in the small apartment was used : the living room, the bedroom, the toilet, and the hallway.

With: Ghislain Amar, André Cadere, Letitia Calin, Mauro Cerqueira, Diana Duta, Jacob Dwyer, Michiel Huijben, Bitsy Knox, Navid Nuur, Tomas Rydin, Machteld Solinger, Systems House, Ross Taylor, Dirk Verschure, Madalina Zaharia

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