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Standing in the doorway

a play for recorded voice and several characters
duration: 30 min
Min, Rotterdam (NL)

The inauguration of Min project space with a play by Diana Duta, Friday December 18th, 2015. Standing in the doorway is the second enactment of the ongoing project 'The Interpreting Log'.

Photos: Florian Cramer
Voice: Liberty Baverstock
Actors: Roxette Capriles, Brecht Hermans, Min Li, Simon Kentgens
Special thanks to Kluster Rooms, London.


Lamp on

D: A carefully selected and vetted apartment.
Staid atmosphere.
A new interior.
An area popular with expats.
Striking spacious living area.
Fantastic atmosphere and a contemporary interior.
In the nearby area:
Central Station
Public swimming pool
Polish Deli
Adult Entertainment Store
Tram Bergselaan
Supermarket Plus
Highway A20

C: Two small windows.
The street beyond.
Time: now.
A bouquet of dried flowers, hanging upside down on the wall.

Lamp off

Oh, hello everyone. It's nice to see you all here. I hope you're comfortable.
I want to start by saying that...
I didn't write this script.
These are not my words.
I mean they are and they aren't - at the same time.
Like a sort of weird equation where [P] and [non P] are true at the same time.
So I am myself and I am also... not
Diana equals non-Diana.
Because of molecules, you know...
Anyway. This script feels like a castaway: something washed up on shore, left in your shoes, through your hair and at the bottom of your bag after you've spent a whole day on the beach. It's made up of small sediments, residue, surplus.
Sometimes, I gather it on scraps of paper at the end of the day -
so I can stop thinking about it.
Then, this residue, other people's words, but also their faces and movements leaves my mind and becomes a mark, anoher residue. We could say, it is altered, embellished perhaps. Fictionalized, different...
Same thing.
I embody other people for a living. But I'm not an actress. I'm not a queen or a politician.
I let things pass through me: I inhale (inhale) a word and exhale (exhale) another,
a not entirely perfect adhesion,
a brushing of two knees,
a sort of folly..
I'm not a ghost either!
I am the voice of other people. Or a replica of their voice, an echo if you like...
But their words don't have weight, and mine do. Their words don't make sense, and mine do.
So we can say that they are the spectre and I am the real. But the real what?
I rarely take notes. I talk to judges, social workers, psychiatrists, midwives, lawyers, detectives, and insurance agents. I am the transparent screen through which these bodies talk to someone and the someone talks back. They represent law, authority, structure and power, but also wisdom, confidence and professionalism. Very rarely is this authority questioned.