Launch of To Have And To Hold Issue 4 Expanded

X Marks the Bökship

A reading consisting in a live sight translation from French into English of Pierre Bismuth's text Vendredi 28 Octobre 1994.

Issue 4 of To Have and To Hold took over 15 years to make, please join us in this joyous occasion to mark its debut to the reading masses. This issue was made by nuns living in the remote reaches of the steppe of Russia, using handmade inks from the local landscape, giving its special colourful glean. To celebrate its publication, the nuns handpicked the best artists from around the world to expand on their contributions from this issue. Expect an evening of art and stuff.

Issue 4 features work from Adrien Aldihni, Kirsty Buchanan, Olivia Dunbar, Diana Duta, Ian Giles, Anna Karolina Hagnefur, Inge Hoonte, Anouchka Oler, Grace Morgan Pardo, AnnaMaria Pinaka, Miho Shimizu, Irina Silviu Szekely and Deniz Unal. Edited by Deniz Unal, guest edited by AnnaMaria Pinaka