Wave Debris was performed live together with Julia Dyck during sunset for rocks radio radar long wave radiation, an event organised by curator Cristina Ramos at The Watch Berlin, a former GDR watchtower in Schlesischer Busch on June 15, 2019.

Wave Debris takes place during sunset, a collaborative performance at-a-distance which modulates the frequencies emitted by the sun at this time. Taking as a starting point Elisabeth Alexander’s research in the field of radio astronomy, we attempt to illuminate other phenomena which are always present yet not always perceived, that mediate, disclose and dissolve; that dust. The modulated frequencies are blended with field recordings, feedback and several readings of Ron Siliman’s Sunset Debris. Half the transmission was streamed from Brussels (performed by Julia Dyck), while the other half was performed on location, one floor below the audience. This distance between the two parts of the whole further expanded the conceptual base of the evening through long distance transmission and mediation.

A tape release of the work is upcoming with Crash Symbols, a tape label based in Morgantown, West Virginia.